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By setting up well-timed IT checkpoints, you can avoid unpleasant surprises later ...

Checkpoint Queues


Customer Expectations

Customers often have high expectations of technology. They are ever alert to attractive technologies that will lead to more customers, loyalty and profits.

So here’s where you need checkpoints. Record and confirm server processes, backups, maintenance and security.

Scrutiny and Testing

Scrutiny and testing of a restore point to confirm that DRP processes are in place and provide the necessary evidence of successful restore.

Checkpoints are giving you a chance to raise flags about issues and correct previous complications.

Automated Audit Report

The typical audit report is boring and does not provide Customers with practical information they need to manage the organisation’s IT infrastructure.
CloudTASK checkpoints generates an audit report with practical indicators for “Attention Required”, “Checked OK” and “Critical” flags. Providing a simple & summarised, but complete overview of the IT system successes and concerns raised.