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Basic Overview

You can use CloudTASK "Scheduled Tasks" for any notification, reminder or heads-up notification that you need for a team member, yourself, or a customer.

Of course the first step is to complete your initial setup for Scheduled Tasks;

1.  Complete the message templates that you could link to any or several of your tasks

2.  Complete categories for your Scheduled Tasks, so that you can group these together

3.  Lastly setup one or two Milestones which will be the default Milestones for each Scheduled Task you create.

Remember, the Milestone determines whether "user-action" is required, whether it is an automated trigger (such as a message), and the early warning interval.  For example:  whether you'd like an early warning, 7 days before a specific milestone is due.


The last step is to setup each of your Scheduled Tasks, with their Due Dates, Milestones and specify the type of Scheduled Task.  

For example:  "FORCE-KEEP-TO-SCHEDULE" will ensure that your Scheduled Task is exactly on Schedule, no matter what, whether milestones were completed, overdue or neglected.  

Automated processes such as warning for the task will however continue uninterrupted.

For more information re Scheduled Tasks setup, please contact us:  support@cloudtask.co


Scheduled Tasks

by CloudTASK

Difficulty Managing Scheduled Tasks?

  • Such as software license renewals

  • Subscription renewals

  • Upcoming contract renewals

  • SSL certificate renewals

Be in Control of your upcoming schedules ...

Keep your customers posted with upcoming renewals, let CloudTASK send them an automated "heads-up" message

A scheduled task can consist of multiple milestones.

You get different types of scheduled tasks, as well as milestones.

The types are discussed below.

A task is dependent on all milestones being completed.

Milestones can be completed by a assigned user, or by the system (automated).

Custom messaging can be setup for each milestone, thus trigger a message upon nearing a milestone, or completion of a specific milestone.

VAT example to SARS:

We can setup scheduled task for VAT reports to be submitted.

A milestone can be setup for the accounts lady to submit her reports to the finance department.

Thereafter, a second milestone can be acknowledged by the finance department, confirming that they did receive the financial reports and submitted to the auditor.

The auditor can confirm with a third milestone acknowledgement that the VAT report was submitted to SARS, whereupon an automated message can be triggered to management.

Each of the above setups are totally customisable to suite your requirements.

Software example for Renewals:

One of your customers has an antivirus software program, which expires and has to be renewed each year.

Your first milestone could be for your sales team to prepare a quotation for the customer

Secondly, a another milestone could give the client a heads-up message to expect the quotation from your sales team.

Upon receiving a decline or approval from your customer, the final milestone could be completed, thereby completing the task, moving the task & related milestones forward to the next cycle.